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Carbon Steel Belt Drive Ac Roller Drum Motor For Conveyor

Motorised pulley drum motor is a geared motor drive enclosed within a steel shell providing a single component driving pulley for conveyor belts,which is compact size,high efficiency,and lower frictional losses compared to conventional geared motors.

Product Description

With the advent of induction drum motors carrying the entire drive unit within the motor, the external components such as the motor, gearbox, sprockets, chains, chain guards, and pillow block bearings typical for existing drives are being replaced by induction drum motors, where the complete drive unit includes the motor, gearbox, sprockets, chains, and all moving parts integrated inside the motor. As a result, these gear roller drum motors are probably the safest drive unit for material handling.

GPG AC roller Drum Motor TMX113

Furthermore, since the motor,planetary gearbox, and bearings are all enclosed in the drum shell, the drum motor is much smaller and takes up much less space.

Motorized pulley Ac drum motor is made of steel,and zinc plated.

Our standard steel Ac roller drum motor is high alloy steel grinding gear,which can ensure low noise transmission.

Heavy load gear steel motorized pulley Ac roller drum motor adopts planetary gear transmission,according to heavy load design.

Today many gear motorized pulley Ac roller drum motors can be found in airport check-in conveyors,railway station X-ray machines, and security machines,food processing conveyors,package machines,dynamic weighing equipment,postal sorter,meat,poultry and fish processing industry,etc.

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