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Introduce advanced equipment and technological achievements, speed up the pace of technological transformation, so as to ensure product quality and reduce comprehensive energy consumption.

In order to meet the needs of customers for high-quality products, Taibang Group has introduced more than 1,500 sets of various equipment, including HAAS machining centers in the United States, Kahifuji in Japan, Mitsubishi in Japan, Yasida machining centers in Japan, Okamoto grinding machines in Japan, HAMAI, MAZAK, Production equipment such as TSUGAMI, as well as testing equipment such as Klingberg, Germany, Zoller, Japan, TTi, Hexagon, etc. First-class equipment and perfect quality management system provide reliable guarantee for product quality. Taibang Group makes full use of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data to strengthen the management of the production process to ensure that every process in the production process can meet the requirements of product quality, ensure zero defects in products, and make our products also reflected in the manufacturing process. Outstanding quality and potential value.
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We firmly believe that "quality system is preventive, not inspection", Taibang Group has established a standardized and efficient production process according to its own production characteristics. Defect management is "prevention first" to ensure that the manufacturing process is in a controlled state, reduce, eliminate and prevent the occurrence of non-conformities, and continuously maintain and improve product quality.
We are specialized in micro AC geared motors, small AC geared motors, DC brushed geared motors, DC brushless geared motors, planetary gearbox, and roller drum geared motors, speed regulator, controller, driver, etc.


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