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DC 24v electric roller drum motor for belt conveyor

This DC 24v belt conveyor drum motors are suitable for speed regulation,medium and light load.Bulit-in high efficiency and energy saving brushless DC gear reduction motor.

Product Description

We can supply a wide range of high quality rollers,which are used in many different applications and industries.

There are roller in zinc-plated,with tube diameters ranging from 50mm to 82mm.

This DC 24v electric roller drum motor is high torque,combining of high efficiency motor and high precision gears.

It is with multi-speed,from the lowest 1m/min to the highest 300m/min.

This motorized pulley dc motor drive roller is quite.Compared with traditional gear motors,this conveyor belt DC drum motor noise level is reduced by about 10%.

Also this steel belt conveyor dc roller drum motor is compact in space.It simplifies installation and facilities maintenance.

Compared with the drive gear motor,the number of parts required for driving is obviously reduced.So this conveyor belt motorized pulley dc roller drum motor can short lots of assembly time.

In addition,the speed of this DC brushless gear reduction drum roller motor can be adjusted.So it can flexibly response to customers requirements.

Diameter 50mm drum motor

We are specialized in micro AC geared motors, small AC geared motors, DC brushed geared motors, DC brushless geared motors, planetary gearbox, and roller drum geared motors, speed regulator, controller, driver, etc.


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