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AC micro geared motor can be directly connected to single phase or three phase power supply to operate.
Small AC electric motor can be operated by connecting to a single-phase or three-phase power supply.
A gearbox (gear reducer) can reduce output rotation speed and get a big torque having the motor equipped with it.
The horizontal gear motor is convenient to be fixed on the base of the machines for transmission.
Micro DC brushed geared motor is ideal for low speed applications that requires for high starting torque.
Permanent magnet DC motor(PMDC motor) is a type of DC motor that can operate by simply connecting with DC power supply.
DC brushless gear motors are designed to be a high torque and free maintenance DC motor solution.
High precision and low backlash planetary gearheads & gearboxes,It is suitable for a wide range of servo motors.
The drum motor is a totally enclosed electric driven pulley and replaces the traditional external gear-motors and gear speed reducer.
We are specialized in micro AC geared motors, small AC geared motors, DC brushed geared motors, DC brushless geared motors, planetary gearbox, and roller drum geared motors, speed regulator, controller, driver, etc.



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