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GBL-D03 brushless DC driver 70w

This brushless DC driver is also called brushless DC motor controller,which used for DC brushless motor max power 70w.

Product Description

BLDC 70w motor driver

Product features 

Drive motor under 70W 

Brake and rotation function 

Strong over-current, over-temperature, hall fault protection 

Easy operation with on board potentiometer  or external potentiometer 

Speed setting via external analog 

Compact size

Electrical Specification

ParametersPower supplyOutput currentOver voltage protectionUnder voltage protectionExternal potentionmeterInput analog voltageSpeed control range
Min Value 12V DC--12V DC
Typical Value24V DC---10KΩ--
Max Value30V DC3A30V DC-

Functions setting 

Brake setting 

BRK and DC- terminal is short circuit in default and the motor  will rotate automatically when power is on. Motor will stop if  BRK and DC- disconnect. 

CW/CCW rotation setting 

F/R and DC- disconnect in default, when power is on, motor will  start to run clockwise when customers adjust potentiometer.  To control thedirection of the motor, a switch or PLC can be added  between F/R and DC-. 

Connect F/R and DC-, the motor will rotate anticlockwise,  otherwise, the motor will rotate clockwise.

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