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Velocity control AC gear motor

Product Description

GPG AC compact velocity control gear motors manufacturer/supplier in china

High output torque at low output speed 

The gear motor uses pure copper coil for smooth running and long service life

Various reduction ratio is available 

Reversible motor can support forward and reverse rotation

Well meshing gear with good wear resistance can provide large transmission torsion

Suitable for various automation industry,such as machine tool industry,textile machinery,welding machine,conveying equipment,and packaging industry,etc.

Square flange size from 60mm to 104mm

Ball bearing gearbox

Helical spur gear            

Power output from 6w to 250w

Available with gearbox or without gearbox

With thermal protection

Quiet running

Long lifespan

CE,UL and CCC approved motors

Several mounting options

Quality,reliability and cost effectiveness

Reversible motors

Single phase induction motors with external capacitor,are able to be operated in these applications where required for rapid reversals of rotation.The motors can be equipped with a special brake which temporarily blocks the rotor allowing the inversion of the rotation.

Motors with brake

These motors are equipped with an electromagnetic brake.

It is useful in applications where the load holding is required,but with motor stopped as no power supply,and where short downtime is needed.

Motors with speed control

The single phase induction motors can mount a speed controller to regulate the rotation speed.

Speed reducer

Gear reduction ratios from 3:1 to 1800:1

AC gear motors as cost-effective,maintenance free and simple drive solution for many industrial applications,such as food processing equipment,packing machinery,barrier gate system,lab equipment,labelling equiment,measuring,printing,turntable,medical,mixers,stirrers,dosing pump equipment,and conveyor system,etc.

We are specialized in micro AC geared motors, small AC geared motors, DC brushed geared motors, DC brushless geared motors, planetary gearbox, and roller drum geared motors, speed regulator, controller, driver, etc.


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