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How To Choose A Suitable Gear Motor

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We mainly consider the output power and torque when we select the suitable gear motor.

In order to ensure long term stable and reliable operation of your machines,you should also consider the strength of the output shaft.

Then how to consider the strength of the output shaft of your gearmotor?

The allowable radial load and axial load of the gear reduction motor should be considered.

What's the radial direction of the gear motor?

Radial refers to the direction along the cross section of the gear motor shaft,and passing through the shaft center,which is similar to the definition of radius or diameter.Therefore,it is called radial.

And what is the axial direction of the shaft?

The axial direction of the gear reducer motor is the shaft section,which is perpendicular to the direction of the section.Because it is along the rotation center of the shaft,it is called the axial direction.

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